Pay for the Product, not for the Package!

Pay for the Product, not for the Package

About Us

Simply Bulk Market 

Heidi Quince and her husband, Devin, purchased the Zero Waste bulk store at 418 Main St. Longmont, CO.

Bins and barrels greet customers as they walk in the door. One section has more than 100 jars of spices. The baking section has 10 kinds of oats. Sixteen varieties of beans and 18 varieties of rice share shelf space with cereals, nuts, trail mix and all-natural treats.

 500 different bulk food items

  • Containers are sold in the store, or customers can bring their own. 
  • About 40 percent of our stock is organic, and the remainder is all-natural.
  • The store has a pet section in the back, near the toiletries and cleaning supplies.
  • Bulk bars of soap waiting for a buyer to cut off as much as he or she needs.
  • Large containers of liquid soaps, skin-care products, shampoo, detergent and cleaners allow the customer to buy only as much as necessary.

 Some items are locally produced. Only a small handful of items come from outside the U.S.