Pay for the Product, not for the Package!

Pay for the Product, not for the Package

Bulk FAQs

Below are some common questions and answers about bulk shopping in general and more specific about our store

Q. Can I use my own containers?

A. Absolutely! We encourage this, as it is part of the process of reducing unnecessary packaging. We welcome any clean hard sided container that you are comfortable using such as mason jars, plastic bottles, etc. 

Q.  Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can buy?

A.  Short answer: No. Long answer: You can buy just what you want to need, which helps in trying new items out. You are always welcome to buy the total amount of any product that we have in stock.

Q.  Order discounts

A. 15% off the total retail price for full unopened packages for any item in the store

Q. Special Orders

A. Stop by and we can discuss your needs and our ability to make something happen. 

Q. If I do not have my own containers, how can I purchase your products?

A. We sell small to mid-size containers for most everything.